Festive Eruption - Deepavali 2008

Shooting Mode: SCN (Fireworks).

Tv: 2s; Av: F/8.0; f: 26.8mm (35mm-equivalent: 169 mm)

At the outset, let me state that I view this post as a "How-NOT-to-take-a-photo" article of sorts :)

This was an experimental snap. The camera has a "Scenery" mode (SCN on the dial); which has supposedly optimal settings for various kinds of scenery (beach, snow, foliage, fireworks etc). I shot a few snaps of fireworks using the "Fireworks" setting in the SCN mode. And I learnt a few things:

  • The settings (at least for fireworks) are not optimal. As you see, fully closing the aperture and keeping the shutter open for 2 seconds is not my idea of photographing bursts of fireworks.
  • These settings are probably for the spectacular display which you see high in the sky - ya those expensive, expansive types which you see in fireworks shows/competitions. Come to think of it - yes - a 2 sec shutter speed probably makes sense for those kinds.
  • Or maybe closing the aperture might be for videos not photos? (BTW, do these settings even matter in the case of videos?)

Ya I do agree that the slower shutter makes for the "spreading" effect. However, If I had to re-take this snap, I would probably use F/2.7 and a shutter speed as fast as the lighting conditions would allow me (Manual Mode of course); especially considering that I was trying to achieve the following:

  • Capture a split-second burst of the eruption.
  • Shoot hand-held.
  • Struggle to avoid the over-exposure (you'l probably appreciate this point if you see the other snaps in this "series" - over exposed to the point of blinding you if viewed full-screen!).
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