Dusk at Pondicherry

Tv: 5 sec; Av: F/8; ISO: 100; f: 15.6mm (35mm-eq: 99 mm)

The credit for this photo goes to my buddy, Rahul. Take a bow Rahul - this one is a gem. One of my favorites.

This was the first time I was trying long exposure times. It took quite some amount of fiddling to get the tripod set up proper. The strong wind dint help either (not exactly the ideal ingredient in a long-exposure shot).

In addition, this was photo was shot in RAW format. However, being totally illiterate as far as RAW image processing is concerned; I have just reproduced the "default" JPG that my camera had painted out of this particular RAW image.

I seek advice on how this RAW image could have been processed better!

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