Sunset at Ranganathittu

Av: F/3.5; Tv: 1/1000s; f: 72mm (35mm-equiv: 454 mm)

I love taking sunset snaps - no particular reason - I just like the colors that are formed during sunset. As a result, you might see a lot of sunset snaps in this blog going forward :)

Some comments about this particular snap:

  • Whenever I see this snap, I wonder whether I was a minute too late in clicking it. Whether I would have got more colors had I taken the photo slightly earlier. But on second thoughts; it probably would have been difficult to avoid overexposure in that case
  • I liked the effect of the clouds just above the sun. I can only imagine how it would have looked had the "line" of cloud appeared right over the sun!
  • I tried to process this photo to remove the "numbness" immediately surrounding the sun. It however had undesirable side effects - so stuck to the original pic.
  • I do not have a UV filter on my lens. I have read contradicting reports about the potential damage to the sensor if the sun is photographed directly like this. What are your experiences regarding this?

By the way, I also have a couple of snaps of the reflection of the sunset in the river (which brings water into the picture - a perfect ingredient for good sunset photos!). Will reserve that for a later post.

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