Coffee Cherry

Tv: 1/400 s; Av: F/4.5; f: 6 mm (35mm-equiv: 38 mm)

Post-processing using Picasa (I'm feeling lucky)

This picture was shot at my native village where coffee cherries were being dried prior to extracting the coffee bean. Here are more details of coffee processing.

Some of the things I like about this photo:

  • This snap is an example of how the rule-of-thirds could be used to create a visually pleasing effect. This snap might not have been as pleasing had the coffee cherry been smack in the center of the snap!
  • I liked the shadow effect to some extent.
  • The depth-of-field is just right. The subject itself, and the area immediately surrounding it; is in focus. There is that gradual loss of focus as you move away from the main subject.

Having said that, here are some flip-sides of this snap:

  • Camera-shake - Even though I was shooting at 1/400s, and I was making good use of the "flip-and-rotate"-able LCD screen on my camera; I was still not able to fully eliminate the camera shake. My unbalanced posture, and the camera position (with the lens just inches from the ground) dint help either. However, I think I could have gotten the perfect still hand, had I tried a bit more.
  • Shadow angle - yes; the same shadow effect which I liked is also a negative for this snap. If you notice, some part of the cherry is under its own shadow! I somehow feel if I had shot this thing from the other side, I would have got the shadow effect; minus the darkening of the subject itself.
  • Size reference - It would have been nice if I had placed some other object unobtrusively in the picture (perhaps a flower), to give viewers an idea of the size of the subject. There are people who thought this thing was a dried coconut!

Readers' comments are welcome as always!

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