girl-bird-u3Av: F/3.7; Tv: 0.006s(1/160); f: 63mm (35mm-equiv:380 mm); ISO: 140

This is one of my favourite "people" photos. I took this when I had gone into a dumpyard to take some other photos for a topic I was working on. This was actually a spontaneous shot. I was preparing to take the photo of the girl when she got conscious and started running. I just clicked a few shots, following her path - did not even see the bird. Only after seeing the photos at home did I see the bird.

This photo did not have the same effect in colour as it has in Black and White. I tweaked around a little in Photoshop - increasing the contrast, cropping the image, added a little more shadows to get the final outcome.

  • Strong points about this photo would include the way in which this photo shows a poor little rag-picking girl enjoys her play in her make-shift play-ground ie the dumping yard. This photo also has a dynamic quality, because it shows the subjects with a hint of motion blur. This was because of the fading twilight present at the time I clicked this.
  • Having said that, this photo has plenty of drawbacks. A picture with better clarity would make this photo of higher standing. And although, the motion blur is good, if there was more focus on parts of the girl and the bird, it would have been better.
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