Av: F/8; Tv: 5s; f: 6.3mm (35mm-equiv:38 mm); ISO: 80

I am a fan of black and white photography because I feel it brings out a lot more depth and meaning to the photo when compared to a similarly-shot coloured one. That was exemplified in this photo, in fact. I originally shot it in colour mode, but as soon as I tried it in B & W in Photoshop, my mind was set on using B & W for this snap.

Coming to the process of taking this snap :

I started this photo shoot with the idea of taking a snap of a busy traffic light from a high altitude with the trail-of-lights effect. So, I used a tripod and that gave me the liberty to bump up the shutter speed to as high as 5 seconds which resulted in the beautiful trail of headlights showing a bustling and dynamic look to the traffic.

I achieved the stars-around-the-light effect by the least possible F-value (or Aperture value) with my Kodak DX 7590 which is F/8.

Next the fine tunings with Adobe Photoshop CS3 – Along with conversion to B & W, I also worked around with the levels to adjust contrast & brightness to achieve pitch black in the dark areas and thus highlighting the lights. I cropped off the sides to position the photo better and avoid the mess of the numerous banners.

Some of the things I would love to improve in this snap :

The lighting from the lamp post should have been better defined, with a star-effect around it as well.

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