Av: F/8.0; Tv: 1/500; f: 6mm (35mm-equiv: 38mm); Super-macro with Flash.

Post-processed using Picasa

This photo is of a decorative piece which was placed above a wall mirror. The rose itself is smaller than one inch in diameter. When I took this snap, I closed the aperture fully and also had a very fast shutter. The flash however still had its effect. The top portion of the snap was obscenely overexposed.

The first thing I did during processing this image was of course to set right the lighting. However, since only the top portion was overexposed, it was difficult to adjust the lighting - too much darkening would make the bottom portion totally dark.

After much trial and error, I settled finally for Picasa's "Focal B&W" effect. Other than that, I have applied the usual sharpening, contrast and color adjustments.


  • Well, the obvious drawback is the intense difference in exposure between the various areas in the snap. This is a classic candidate for using the exposure bracketing feature. I should have taken the snap using 2-step difference in exposure bracket.
  • Having done that, I suppose using a more advanced tool like GIMP/Photoshop would have done wonders. For example, i could have created 2 layers one each for the moderately exposed halves of the photo - and merged them together to get a perfectly exposed snap.
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