Av: F/3.2; Tv: 6s; f: 11.5mm (35mm-equiv:69 mm); Ev : -0.33; ISO: 100

This is actually a very simple photo of an industry at night. It has a very well-balanced feel to it and just gives a feeling of tranquility.
To capture this photo, I used a tripod and a relatively long shutter speed of 6s. I tried an Exposure bias (Ev) of -0.33 in this photo to reduce the brightness and achieve black in certain areas, which would enhance the effect of the lights.

* The use of natural framing in this photo draws the attention of the observer towards the subject in the centre.
* The reflection of lights on the water surface is another plus point of this photo. The smoothness of the water surface was achieved by the long shutter speed. If not for the smoothness of the water, the photo wouldn't have had the same effect.
* I did not have to resort to much post-processing for this. However, I had to use the clone tool to erase a glaring electric wire within the framing area.

Improvements I would like to see in this photo include

* The improvements in the quality of the photo with less noise, especially in the area of the lights.
* More emphasis on the framing with increased exposure would have made it a little more apparent, but that would have diminished the contrast between light and darkness.
* I could also have tried with a very narrow aperture to give a star-around-the lights effect.

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