Av: F/5.6; Tv: 0.040s (1/25); f: 55mm (35mm-equiv:89 mm); ISO: 100

This is a photo I took on my visit to an old-age home. I just loved the way it came out as soon as I took it.

Highlights of the photo would be the Soft Focus with 1 person in full focus and others in varying degrees of lens blur. The expression on the face of the old man is a good catch. With the subject looking directly into the camera, it helps to relate well with viewer of the photo conveying a lot of emotions.
The black and white mode of the photo adds more to the emotions and brings in a hint of classicism. The angle of the photo is also a little different than the usual ones we see. It has got a good upward inclination.

I did not have to resort to much post processin. However, I added the Vignette effect using Photoshop. The Vignette effect is a sort of Lens Distortion which adds the Blackish touch to the edges of the photo. I love that effect as I find that it adds a lot more emphasis to the centre of the image.
I also added a thin border to just try out the framing effect.

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