Busy as a Bee

Tv: 1/160; Av: F/3.5; f: 72mm (35mm-equiv: 454mm)

This was originally a much larger snap which I cropped and enlarged. I got another similar photo a minute or two before this one; but that photo did not have the honey bee. Which is why I decided to put up this one.

What I like about this photograph:

  • The colour reproduction of the flowers (although I don't like pink all that much, I must admit that these flowers were looking real good)
  • Of course, that prominently positioned bee which gives this snap its flavour.

How this photo could have been improved:

  • I think it might have made more sense to crop the photo further and eliminate that blurry blue flower visible at the top left. I did not do that because I did not want pink to be the sole colour in the snap :D
  • Maybe the snap should have adhered a little more to the Rule of Thirds - with respect to the bee. I think the bee is closer to the center of the photo than to the top third.
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