Av: F/5.6; Tv: 0.017s(1/60); f: 44mm (35mm-equiv:72 mm); ISO: 1600

I clicked this photo during a train journey when I was experimenting few shots with an interesting looking old lady. It was a little before sunset and with the train casting weird shadows and lightings, it wasn't too simple to get a good shot on a moving train.
This is the shot of a beggar's daughter who came upto the lady. She picked her up and was playing with her. But there was a tinge of sadness on the little girl's face, even with a 10 Rupee note in her hand, saying this is not what she wants to be doing now. I'm glad my capture picked up the expression of the moment. I clicked this photo in Black and White mode itself. I like the sharpness of the image, however, the photo is over exposed in a few areas. I tried to correct that with photoshop using the burn tool. The vignetting has improved the emphasis on the subjects.
I took this photo at an angle to experiment with different compositions. However, I have to say this angle looked better while clicking than in the PC.
I worked quite a bit to get a decent sort of frame for the image. Framing a photo takes the photo to a new level; in terms of its appeal and the way it comes out.
Improvements I would've liked in this image include the composition - full coverage of the girl's palm would've brought the note into the picture & conveyed a little more meaning to the photo.
Better exposure without over exposure would also have been better.

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