Mysore Palace

Av: F/3.5; Tv: 1/25s; f:14.5mm (35mm-equiv: 92mm)

This is a snap of the famous Mysuru Palace complete with grand illuminations during the Dassehra festival. I had made good use of the 270 degree flippable LCD screen on the Canon Powershot S3IS to click this photo. The photo was shot from about 1 foot above my head - I with the LCD rotated at right angles to give me a preview of what I was shooting.

  • The snap was obviously not centered. I tried to rotate it using tools like GIMP and Picasa, but am not satisfied with the outcome.
  • Secondly, it being a night shot and with so many thousands of light sources around, the blurry effect of on the bulbs was inevitable (or was it? Would a faster shutter-speed have done the trick?)

What I do like about this snap is

  • The grand-ness of it all.
  • I also think the symmetry is very good - for example the "balconies" in the entry arch, with the greenish glow - they appear very symmetric.

The surrounding double border with contrasting colors was an experiment. Although it looks decent, I think I should have rather tried to look for some "frame" instead of the border.

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