Av: F/6.3; Tv: 0.067(1/15)s; f: 18mm (35mm-equiv:35 mm); ISO: 800

This photo was taken during a function in my native place. It is called "Bhootha Kola". It was a very pleasing result for me to see the result of the photoshoot for the following reasons -

  • Among the things I was trying to achieve during the photoshoot that night, was to catch the rotation of the subject as a blur; that, with the waist accessory flying around defining a circle gives this photo a very dynamic as well as circular motion effect.
  • The capture of the flying embers in mid-air from the fire stick was very pleasing.
  • The vibrancy of the different colours catches the eye. To get the natural colours in the low lighting conditions, I had to refrain from using the flash. To avoid the image-shake while clicking, I resorted to a high ISO.

Coming to the improvement in this photo -

  • I would've liked the face and body of the subject to be defined a little more clearly. But using a long exposure to get the motion blur, this is an expected and accepted side effect.
  • The area around the fire stick has a very high exposure and stands out glaringly. A slightly lesser exposure would've helped avoid it. However, the vibrancy and the brightness of the rest of the photo would've been dulled out by this. So, i guess, this is the compromise I had to resort to.
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