Av: F/6.4; Tv: 0.013 (1/80)s; f: 28mm (35mm-equiv: 46 mm); ISO: 200; Metering mode : Pattern

I was walking by on the old streets of the coastal tourist town of Gokarna, near the famous temple, when I saw this shop of colours and my attention was instantly drawn to the amazing array of colours of different shades.
What I like about this photo is obviously the different colours... In post-processing using Adobe Photoshop CS3, I cropped to remove the unnecessary edges and got a wide-angle shot. I played around with the levels to get a decent amount of contrast in the picture to bring out the colours even better. And I had to burn a few areas towards the bottom of the image to get out few washed-out details because the scorching hot sunlight had washed out some areas of my photo.
I also liked the tinge of green I got while playing with the levels. It gives a different look to the photo, something reminiscent of the photos of the age of transition from black and white to colour.

Coming to the improvements in this image, I guess it would have taken the image to a higher level if I could have captured the emotions of the people a bit more closely. But, I wanted the whole range of the colors to be part of the image.
A lower Exposure setting would have captured the scene even better with more information about the colours and the shadows coming out giving a different depth to the photo.

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