LotusBloomTv:1/400s;  Av:F/4; f:6mm(35mm-equiv: 38mm)

Color Enhancements using GIMP2

This snap was shot when I was a complete new-born at photography. I had just about managed to grasp the basics - the theory at least (the thing about letting maximum light onto the sensor - and adjusting shutter speed, aperture value & ISO to achieve this).

Considering that it was one of my very initial "good" shots, I was undoubtedly thrilled at the outcome. What I do like is the overall crispiness in the photo. I especially liked the "folded-hands" effect in the center of the photograph.


  • Well, composition for one - I think I should have included a slightly (maybe 10%) larger area. I think I closed in a little too much.
  • Secondly, I feel there was a bit of camera shake. It is not really visible in this resized version, but well-pronounced in the original 2272*1704 image.
  • And finally, do I see some noise, particularly in the lower right region? I guess I might have used a higher ISO.
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