IMG_4211 u2

Av: F/8; Tv: 0.01 (1/100) s; f: 30mm (35mm-equiv: 50 mm); ISO: 800; Metering mode : Pattern

I've been wanting to take a photo of my stethoscope and make it look cool and good. I finally got to try my hand out at it during my studies when there was a power failure and I saw a nice opportunity with just my study lights on and casting interesting effects on the steth. I then spread some white blank sheets on the table and placed the steth and started clicking away. In fact, I suggest the basic table-lamp with preferably a CFL (white) lighting is a very good light source for tabletop photography.
I took many shots in different angles. I liked this shot because it covered most of the steth with interesting shadows. All though, this is actually a colour photo, a Black steth with pretty white lighting and a white background makes it look like a Black and White photo itself. Post-processing involved only fine tuning the levels and cropping a bit of the boundaries for better composition.
Improvements in this image -
If you were to use this photo for the cover of the product, one would want to take the shadows away to define most areas of the steth in good lighting. For that, using multiple light sources from different angles is helpful.

P.S : Yesterday being the Doctor's Day, I thought this post was apt for the occasion. But, because of the prevailing power shortage in my region, my post has been delayed by a day. Better late that never, though, I suppose. :-)

Here is wishing all the Doctor's of the World a Happy Doctor's Day.

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