Av: F/5.7; Tv: 1/60s; f: 55mm; ISO: 200; Metering mode : Center-weighted average

I took this photo on a train journey. In a way, it captures the essence of the Indian Railways - It's affordability, it's connectivity and it's service rendered to all the masses.
What I like about this photo is the lighting on the photo with a gentle, yet solid gradient between light and dark. Also, there is a definite sense of motion in this photo because of the motion blur (evident through the window) achieved.
Another thing which pleased me was the amount of sharpness in this photo. The way the beard is in focus is a joy to watch, for me. :)

Improvements in this photo -
In the dark areas, if I could have brought out a bit more details of his outline, it would've clearly defined the subject in focus.

I would've liked to take more photos in this kind of lighting with the subject awake. It would make for some interesting photos.

PS - In my free time, I'm trying to work a bit on a logo and signature for my photos. Here is the first version of it. Awaiting your feedbacks on it. :)

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