Tv:1/640s; Av:F/8; f:23.8mm (35mm-equiv:150mm)

I happen to be an absolute and unconditional fan of sunsets. I don't know what it is about 'em that I like so much but I enjoy watching, photographing and experiencing sunsets to the core. So - you'll probably see lot of sunset snaps from me :)

Coming to this photo, it was shot at Dona-Paula in Goa. I always used to think that the best sunset snaps are shot when directly facing the direction of the setting sun. The sun need not necessarily be prominent in the picture - it could be hidden behind a cloud or a tree or something, but the camera should be directly facing the direction of the sun.

Well, this particular snap disproves that belief! The sun was setting at right angles to the direction of the shot (to my left). The golden color of the water and the golden color of the sky (and the thin line separating them) made the scene irresistible - it had to be captured!

What I would like to improve about this photograph?

  • First thing - Around the centre of the snap, where the glow on the water is brightest, the photo becomes all blurry. I wish I could do something about that. There has to be a way to avoid that.
  • Secondly - well this is not really a flaw in the photography itself ;) .. but .. a hammock tied between two of those palm trees might have made the scene more idyllic, wouldn't it?
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