Birs Park, Kuala Lumpur

Av: F/3.5; Tv:1/250; f:72mm (35mm-equiv: 454mm)

I have not done much post-editing for this - save for the cropping. And of course, the minor color and lighting adjustments with GIMP2 (and frankly, I think I should have left the lighting and color untouched - it would have given the snap a more authentic feel!)

What I like about this photo:

  • The subject, which looks like it is in rapt attention (this was easier than it seems - birds of this particular species stand very still; and hardly move)
  • I also like the sharpness in this photo, especially the eye and the beak.

What I'd like to improve?

  • The framing for one - Although this negative effect has been reduced a bit after cropping. What I'd prefer to do was, have something interesting in the background.
  • As a consequence of the previous point; I'd also increase the depth of field - so that the background is more visible.
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