Talekad 94u2

Av: F/8; Tv: 0.001s (1/1000); f: 6mm; ISO: 80

This is actually an old photo I took with my friend's Sony DSC-H2 camera during a trip to the wonderful temple at Somanathpur. The sky was brilliant that day with very well-defined clouds and the sun was out.
As I looked up to the sky that time, I saw this brilliant ray of sunlight coming out of the clouds. I tried to capture it as a backdrop to the wonderful architecture of the temple. This photo had to be in Black and White because of the amazing shades of gray in the sky offering differing levels of contrast, which B & W portrays so majestically.
Because I was shooting directly at the sun, I preferred very minimal exposure with very short shutter speed and a low ISO.

To get the silhouette effect of the temple with that camera (in which I could not adjust the area of focus and the level of focus) I aimed the centre of the field to a bright area (like the sky) while keeping the click button half-pressed and then changed the camera position to aim at the temple. (This is a method to get great silhouettes with any basic camera, actually)
The different levels of gray in the sky offer a great amount of dynamism. Infact, it does offer an intimidating and scary image; like that of an impending disaster (as shown in the movies :p)

I could have tried to follow the Rule of Thirds here; but that would mean zooming out and I feared if the effect of the Ray of light would be dampened and lose prominence.
The Lens Glare in the photo can be both a boon and a bane. I guess, in this case, it isn't so bad (position-wise). So, it does make the photo look better.

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