IMG_4368u2Av: F/5.6; Tv: 1/60(0.017)s; f: 55mm(35mm equivalent - 338mm); ISO: 200; Metering mode : Matrix

One would think this photo was taken in a remote village; while actually, it was taken in a fun park I visited recently. Pot making was offered as one of the attractions at that place & as I was passing by the place, I just flicked my camera into the Black and White setting and took a couple of shots; one a telephoto and this one I zoomed in to focus on the work going on. I did not have to resort to too much Post Processing - just a little a minute tweak to the levels and a frame did the job.
What I like about this photo -

  • The centre pot and the pot-making process in focus; with the wheel in a motion-blur grabs the attention in a very nice way.
  • The sharpness and the cripness of the photo is another point in favour.

Improvements I would like -

  • To take the photo to another level, the photo must capture the natural pottery with the pot-maker in the frame.
  • In this photo, a clearer or plain background without the people would have been better.
  • With regards to angling, I would also like to try another shot with a flatter angle - ie. sitting at the level of the photo and taking a shot.
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