StackedUpTv: 1/160s; Av: F/3.2; f:8.1mm (35m-equiv:52mm)

I took this pic at my native village. What you see here are trunks of betelnut trees stacked up. These trunks are used in the betelnut "harvesting" season to build temporary one-storey high structures on which the betel-nuts are dried after coloring them. These structures are called "atta" in Kannada, and are a common sight in rural Karnataka during the season.

  • I liked the 45-degree angle as it gives the photo its character.
  • This photo was shot in B&W (as against shooting in color and then converting to B&W later). I liked the fact that the B&W effect has come out much better than my other attempts!
  • There has been minimal post-processing in this snap (just minor adjustments for brightness and contrast)

How this snap could have been improved?

  • It would have been nice if I could get some other aspect of village life into the frame - the house itself was right next to this shed - and I could have tried to include it as well.
  • The time of say when this snap was taken was not optimal. Had I taken it during brighter daylight - the effect might have been drastically better!

Well, whats your opinion?

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