Souring Seagull

Focal length=55mm; F-no=F/10; Exposure=1/320 sec.; Meter=Pattern

This photo was taken in Scotland, while on a cruise hunting for the Loch Ness Monster. The cruise boat had lots of bread crumbs to attract these birds. Using that as a bait, I lured this seagull towards the boat and took a lot of snaps. This was the result of that exercise.

I cropped the image to bring the bird in focus. How I wish I had a telephoto lens. (Any well wishers out there, now you know what to give me for my birthday!) That would have given a crisp image. I then adjusted levels in Photoshop, added a Lightroom preset to make it more gloomy and added the borders.

How did you find this? Do let me know!

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