Av: F/7.1; Tv: 0.01s (1/100); f: 55 mm; ISO: 200

I clicked this photo as I was walking through a busy market street in Bengaluru. The shops were just opening and the vendors were just starting to set up shop as I saw this old vendor laying out his stuff across the road from me. I clicked a couple of photos of his, across the street; throwing my camera settings to Black and White with increased Sharpness, for the effect.
I did play around a little with this photo in Adobe Lightroom and used a very nice preset for the White Balance and Lens Corrections. I switched over to Photoshop for the borders.

What I like about this photo is obviously the whole emotion of the photo and the varied graduated shades which are on display. The extra dark areas in this photo give a lot of depth to this photo. The textures on the door behind the vendor is one of my favorites & I'm glad this image has captured the different shades in the background alone.

Improvements I would like in this photo include a better visualization of the face and a closer look capture of the facial expressions. I should have made better use of the opportunity to try a few more shots from closer quarters.

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