Glow of Hope

Tv: 1/250s; Av:F/2.7; f:6mm (35mm-equiv:134mm); Post-processing: GIMP2

The main intention of this post was to try and capture the spirit of Diwali and the "Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya" concept. I think I was somewhat successful in portraying this soul - the photo shows a gradual increase in luminosity from as one progresses from the lower right to the upper left.

Of course, there are several things I'd want to keep in mind the next time I attempt such a shot:

  • The flame itself is very fuzzy. I think even a faster shutter speed would not have been able to sharpen the flame. I should have taken proper care while setting the diya itself.
  • You observe the lower left side of the lamp itself is much sharper and in better focus then the upper right. This is because I used Super-Macro mode and Manual Focus. I did consider setting this right by increasing the DOF. But that would have meant closing the aperture. I decided against this because I wanted to capture this one with the lights off - and that wouldn't allow me the luxury of a narrow aperture opening.
  • Maybe I should've tried this on table-top instead of the floor? Or does the floor design pattern add some variety to this snap? Well - I can't decide!

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