Av:F/2.7; Tv:1/4s; f:6mm(35mm-equiv: 38mm)

I shot this snap just past dusk when I was strolling along the Salzch river in Salzburg. The scenery was too good to miss - the shops along the riverfront, the reflection of lights in the river, the not-so-dark sky.

I liked the coverage and framing of this photograph - right from the castle overlooking the city, down to the bridges crossing the river - it's all well-positioned.

What I do not like about this particular shot is the absence of sharpness. A quarter second shutter speed was a mistake - I should have gone for at least a tenth of a second and used ISO 200. I don't think the ISO noise would be pronounced in this photo because of the reflections in the water (which would have hidden the noise).

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