Av: F/2.7; Tv:1/100s; f:6mm(35mm-equiv: 38mm)

This photograph was shot at Rheinfalls, an hour north of Zurich in Switzerland. This wheel was probably used in pre-industrial era to fetch water from a well or river.

I liked the mood of this one; and also the angle, the framing and the background. The white board in the top-left corner does seem out of place but it was a great spot to put my signature!

I shot this snap in Sepia. The reason I put up this snap on the blog is to get feedback or any pointers on when to use Sepia and when not to. Almost any snap that I take in Sepia; it always looks better when I desturate it and turn in into B&W. It was no different with this one - I post-processed the photo and made it B&W - and that looked better than the one you are seeing here.

Any links to Sepia-flavored snaps which you have taken are greatly appreciated!

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