Tv: 1/100; Av: F/3.5; f: 13.5mm(35mm-equiv: 86mm)

This photo was taken at the Salzburg Castle. It was on a sunny winter morning. I just loved the "cheerful" mood of the flower pots arranged right at the window. I also think the reflection of the scenery in the open windows adds a nice touch. The "bubble" like object that you see in the window at your right hand side completes the picture. I don't even know what it is - probably a lantern similar to the skylamps that we use for Diwali.

There are certain things I learned while editing this photo. The foremost is how cropping can be used to negate "crookedness" of some photos. The original snap is much larger and covers quite a bit of the roof and the ground. However, it is a bit slanted. I first thought I'd straighten the snap using tools like GIMP/Picasa. I finally decided to crop the photo instead.

I think the border that I added around this snap could have been better. Particularly, the color I chose for the border should have been something other than the boring black.

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