Av: F/14.0; Tv: 1/50s; f:18mm (35mm-equiv: 27mm)

Post Processing: Raw Therapee

This photo was clicked in the backwaters of the Sharavathi river in Karnataka's Shimoga district. The original NEF snap had a much wider angle - I cropped it to less than a third of the original.

During the processing of this photo, I learnt the nuances of B&W processing using RAW Therapee to a greater extent. I learnt to control the tone of the B&W to my liking. I also liked the "story-telling" mood of this snap.

Playing the critic's role, here are some ways I'd improve this snap:

  • Probably try to get the boat vertically positioned? That'd give some depth
  • I'm not happy with the exposure and detail. The clouds and background should have had differential exposure compared to the boat and the boatman. Layers?
  • Perhaps framing? I need to learn how to use framing to enhance a photograph.
  • I'd try to get more of the boatman's expression. In this snap, his face is darkened and illegible!
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