Av:F/11; Tv:20s; f:24mm

Post processing: RAWTherapee

This was just after dusk one very cold evening at TsoMoriri lake in Ladakh. We'd just had dinner at our camp and when we emerged from the dinner tent, this was the scene that greeted us. I tried quite a few times adjusting the exposure before I could get this shot.

I loved the "shining" effect of the moon on the calm lake. It kind of has a soothing effect. I also liked the detailing of the clouds.

I wish I could have tried to eliminate the noise though. Even for a 20-second exposure, I still think the noise kind of negates all the positives of this snap. Also, I might have done well to split this into 2 layers - one for just the moon (with a fast shutter) and another for the rest with higher exposure. That would have prevented the moon from looking like the sun!

So, how do you eliminate noise in this kind of high-exposure photography?

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