Av: F/11; Tv:1/100s; f: 55mm (35mm-equiv: 82mm); with flash

Post-processing: RAWTherapee

I initially thought this is a grasshopper - turns out it is a praying Mantis (wait - is there a difference between the two?)

I love the "pose" given by the little creature. The eyes, one of the antennae, and the front legs are all well-covered in this snap. It also appears as if the insect is "turning" towards me - that gives it a nice touch.

I would try to dim the flash so as to not get such a profound shadow though. The shadow is not well-formed, is not sharp and tends to take the focus away from the actual subject. Also, I wonder whether the photo would have looked better had the background been something other than the bright red-oxide flooring. I wouldn't have dared to try lifting the fella and placing him elsewhere though :-)

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