Av:F/10; Tv:1/125s; f:26mm

Post-processing: RAWTherapee

This photo was shot at Thiksay monastery in Ladakh. I really liked the cheerfulness of this photo. The lighting was just perfect - and that is what gives that bright feeling to this snap

I realised the importance of adjusting the shadows while I was processing this one. The detailing in the center of the flower was brought out after I increased the shadow setting. I could have made it all dark by disabling shadows but I like this effect better.

One drawback I see in this photo is that it has not been cropped. Perhaps I should have chopped off everything but the flower. I suppose that might have given it a better framing. Secondly, if I had adjusted my angle of shooting a bit, I might have been able to avoid the shadow of the petals on the flower itself.

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