Av:F/7,1; Tv:1/500s; f:55mm

Post-processing: RAWTherapee

Meet our .. er.. neigh-bour at TsoKar. There were several horses grazing away in the pastures next to TsoKar lake in Ladakh. Even when we approached pretty close to them in order to get proper shots, they did not seem to take notice and continued grazing. That made for great framing and composition.

What I like about this pic is the landscape in the background. The horse itself, the mountains and the clouds form one heck of a combination.

I feel that I went too far while enhancing the colour during post processing. That makes the photo look slightly unnatural. Secondly, the horse's face is a bit dark - I'd set that right by playing around with the shadows setting if I were to get another go at this photo.

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