This photo was shot at Yegchi Dam in Belur in Hassan district of Karnataka. Belur is more famous for its temples, which, along with near-by Halebeedu are declared as World Heritage sites.

After touring the temple, we stopped by at the almost deserted dam and decided to wait by here till sunset before proceeding to Chikmaglur. The sight that greeted us was serene (as all sunsets are!).  Just then I spotted this strategically positioned tree behind which the sun hid while going down.

My favorite part of this photo is how the color gradually changes from yellow at the center to orange near the edges. I don't think I would have been able to get this effect if it wasn't for that tree there. This photo also obeys the rule of thirds. Finally, I love the sparkling effect of the sunlight shining through the gaps in the tree.

Improvements: Probably the photo is too .. wide? Meaning I might have done a better job of cropping it. I refrained from cropping it any further since I wanted to have the edges to show the complete change of colour.

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