Tv: 1/50s; Av:F/2.7; f:7mm

I dug this photo out from my archives. It was taken almost 3 years back, at Auroville near Pondicherry, using my Canon Powershot S3IS.

I like the arrangement of the flowers. Very well done. Its not an easy task I suppose especially since they are floating on water! Technique-wise, the composition is very good. Also, I used the lighting conditions to my advantage. If you notice, the photo was shot with the lens being directly above the center of the vase. Yet, there is not as much as a hint of shadow anywhere. I had to struggle a bit to get this right.

I wish I had adjusted the exposure a bit better, and used vivid tone. Plus, some fiddling with the manual focus might have helped too. Finally, the in the top of the photo, you see that a part of the vase has been clipped off, which messed up the symmetry.


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