Av: F/5.0; Tv:1/100s; f: 35mm; ISO: 200

Equipment: Nikon D3000 with 35mm block lens

Clicked in NEF format and processed with RAW Therapee

Chimi Lhakhang is a monastery in Punakha valley in Bhutan. It is said to be blessed by the "Divine Madman" Drukpa Kinley. The monastery is crowded with pilgrims, and women seeking blessings to conceive.

There were three senior people who had just finished rotating a big Tibetan prayer wheel; and with their permission, I clicked this photo. I had already attached the block lens, so for a change I wasn't caught unaware, changing lenses and letting the moment pass!

Unfortunately, I had to crop out the other two people from this pic - since one of them was holding up a large chilly, which ended up obscuring the face of the other person. This turned out a blessing in disguise though, since I loved the final outcome. The photo concentrates on this one lady, and her expression and mood is the high point.

There's not much I can fault with this snap. The advantage of using the block lens clearly shows!

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