Av: F/10; Tv: 1/125s; f: 44mm; ISO: 200

Equipment: Nikon D3000 with standard 18-55 VR Lens

Shot in NEF, processed with RAW Therapee

Punakha dzong is a really picturesque place. It is situated at a spot where two rivers meet. The colors of the roof and monument blend in with those of the landscape (river, flowers, even the road!). It is a must-visit if you are in Bhutan.

The problem is that there is no proper viewpoint as such to get a clear shot of the fortress and the confluence of the rivers together. We did get a few of those (coming up in another post).

This particular photo captures just one building at the complex. This building is separate from the rest of the Dzong (and probably houses some very important offices, by the look of it).

The look of the photo is enhanced by the backdrop - the mountains and the clouds. I probably should have cropped of the right end - but that would mean I'd also lose some of those flowers - which is why I let it be.


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