Tv: 1/50s; Av: F/11; f: 40mm; ISO: 200

Equipment: Nikon D3000 with standard 18-55 VR lens

Shot in NEF, processed with RAW Therapee

Jhampa Lhakhang is one of the oldest monasteries in Bhutan. It existed even before Buddhism flourished in the country. This is what makes the monastery special for Bhutanese and all Buddhist pilgrims.

Just when we had finished our tour of the temple and were about to leave, we saw this lady emerge. We were hesitant to request her to pose, but she obliged. Maybe she thought we were taking a video - which is why she started rotating her prayer wheel in all earnest.

Which brings us to the part of this photo that I don't like - the blur caused by the rotating prayer wheel.

Having said that, I do like the rest of the snap - especially the lady's expression (what is it about old people and B&W photos?)


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