Tv: 1/125s; Av: F/6.3; f: 55mm; ISO: 200

Equipment: Nikon D3000 with 55-200 VR lens

Shot in NEF; processed with RAW Therapee

Taktsang monastery, also known as Tiger's Nest, is a must-visit spot in Bhutan. As our guide mentioned, if you have not visited Taktsang, you have not visited Bhutan. Perched on a cliff 800 meters overlooking the Paro valley, this structure is undoubtedly a wonder. I just cannot imagine why it doesn't figure on the "Wonders of the World" lists!

Getting there is not easy, though. There are no roads, and there probably will never be any. It is a brutal hike, made more difficult since we did it the very next day after we landed in Bhutan, and we were not adjusted to the altitude. It took us close to two and a half hours, huffing and puffing, stopping for rest every now and then.

But then, when you actually see the monastery - you unanimously declare that it was worth every trouble. It is impossible to describe the place - you must visit it to believe it.

It is also very difficult to photograph the structure. There is a "viewpoint" about halfway up. There is a cafeteria here, and some open space which gives you a clear view. But it is still very difficult to get that special photograph because the cliffs in the bakground, though dramatic, don't make for a very appealing backdrop for a photo.

This photo here is our best attempt at capturing this awe-inspiring monument. It was shot in landscape orientation. The idea was to follow the rule of thirds, with the monastery in the left thirds of the frame. However, I decided to crop it to keep the focus on the monument instead of the valley below.

There are lots of things not right with this photo though. If you click on the image and view the full-size version, you'll notice that it is not as crisp as it should have been. The focus is wrong and some of the portions of the monastery also appear blurred. I probably should've spent a moment or two getting the focus right!


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