Tv: 1/160s; Av: F/11; f: 22mm; ISO: 200

Equipment: Nikon D3000 with standard 18-55 VR Lens

Shot in NEF, processed with RAW Therapee

This is the watch tower at Trongsa. Most watch towers are situated a few hills above the Dzongs. This one has been converted into a museum now. The exhibits there are really interesting.

I've always wanted to photograph watch towers, light houses and the like. This was an opportunity for me to give it a shot.

I wish the "slant" wasn't there in this photo. I mean, it would have been a lot better had it been straighter.

What makes the snap look good is the clear blue sky in the background. Also, I have used some shadow settings during processing to make the under side of the roof clearly visible (as opposed to being in the shadows). That gives it a different feel.


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